Windows operating system recovery services  are in increasing demand due to numerous errors in the software written for it. Often, a new installed program or inept user actions disable the system.

Sometimes, malfunctions in the computer hardware can lead to an operating system crash. Broken sectors on the hard drive and errors when accessing memory can distort data in system files and Windows will stop loading. If it is important to save the program settings and Windows, you need to contact us for a system restore. Sometimes the operating system is subject to recovery, but if it is still impossible, we can  reinstall it by  transferring important data to the new system. The service of restoring the operating system is especially relevant for its server versions if a return to Backup is not possible.

According to statistics, unfortunately, recovery is  possible  only for  ~ 20%  of system crashes.

* -Operating system Windows is a set of programs that allow any user to manage various computer systems, and organizes an interface between the user and the computer hardware. There are many operating systems today, and they all differ from one another. This variety is explained by the fact that each developer in his activities strives to make using a computer as simple and convenient as possible, while expanding the boundaries of possibilities. The most common is Windows. Modern versions of Windows support a wide variety of the latest devices and technologies. They are easy to learn for novice users and at the same time have sufficient functionality to satisfy professionals. The operating system manages the disk drives video card and sound, processes user commands given by external devices, etc., facilitating the work of programs. A good operating system serves the needs of the user unnoticed.


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