Very often, enterprises use Windows servers to ensure the work of employees. A terminal server with 1C accounting is available in almost every enterprise where there are several accountants on staff. For this category of clients, we provide  services for configuring windows servers.

In addition to the terminal server, Windows can be used to provide the following services: Active Directory, VPN server, DHCP, Internet router, HTTP WEB, FTP, SAMBA, WINS, DNS and much more.

As for the possibility of configuring each specific service, we recommend that you check the phone numbers in the header of the site. We also provide maintenance of configured servers.

WSUS server setup and maintenance services

As part of the services for configuring Windows servers, it is possible to configure the service for centralized automatic updating of client operating systems.

What is WSUS and its benefits.

WSUS server is a technology that allows you to automate the process of updating Microsoft products, which significantly saves the working time of company system administrators due to:

  • automatic installation of each new update on all workstations at once;
  • carries out installation on all stations without exception, which in turn makes the local network less vulnerable, which means it prevents information leakage;
  • all efforts of the system administrator are reduced to monitoring the work of the WSUS server;
  • reducing the cost of using the Internet, since updates are downloaded only once, and the other computers receive them from the server.

The specialists provide maintenance of Windows Server and all of the above services for legal entities. Extensive experience and high qualifications will allow our specialists to provide high-quality maintenance of Windows Server and its services AD, MS Exchange, WSUS while saving money for your campaign.

Advantages of the work of Biztech specialists:

  • prompt solution of the assigned tasks,
  • Individual approach to every customer,
  • quality assurance of work performed,
  • extensive work experience and high qualifications,
  • an integrated approach to solving customer problems,
  • reasonable prices for the company’s services.

We will be happy to assist you in solving non-standard tasks.

Exchange customization and maintenance services

Together with the services of configuring Windows servers and separately, the Microsoft Exchange mail server can be configured.

What is Microsoft Exchange Server and its benefits.

Microsoft Exchange Server is a messaging and collaboration software product. This software package provides control over corporate email, allowing employees to work more efficiently. Microsoft Exchange Server allows you not only to work with corporate mail, but also to see and manage the to-do list (official meetings, business negotiations, etc.) of other users. All this can be done remotely when there is an urgent need to go to the mailbox, while not in the office.

Active Directory Configuration and Maintenance Services

As part of the Windows configuration services, the server and separately we will configure Active Directory onsite and remotely.

What is Active Directory and what does it do for your business?

The Active Directory service (active directory service) is a distributed database that includes all network objects (computers, printers, shared resources, etc.). Active Directory is the foundation for building an enterprise IT infrastructure, which is a single point of authentication and authorization for all users and applications within it.

The benefits of building Active Directory are:

Single point of authentication. It assumes the ability to set solutions for certain user groups (“Commercial Department”, “Foreign Economic Activity”, etc.), so that all users of the group can access the appropriate files. It also facilitates the process of creating and deleting accounts (in the event of the appearance / deletion of a new workplace), with the provision of access to all permitted and necessary network resources.

Single point of policy management. Allows you to create a hierarchy of computers by organizational unit, and apply uniform group policies to them. In practice, this means creating uniform security settings and settings, assigning network printers, installing specific applications, defining browser security settings, and so on. And again, a new computer on the network will automatically receive the settings that are inherent in this group.

Increased level of information security. This is achieved due to the fact that AD is a single secure store of accounts, and the use of the Kerberos protocol is much safer than NTLM.
Integration with corporate applications and equipment. Active Directory services conform to the LDAP standard, which is supported by other systems, such as mail servers (Exchange Server), proxy servers (ISA Server, TMG). In practice, this deprives the user of the need to remember a large number of logins and passwords for applications. The user is authenticated in a single Active Directory, so he has the same credentials across all applications.

Unified storage of application configuration. Some applications, such as Exchange Server, store their configuration in Active Director, which is beneficial in terms of flexibility and reliability.

FTP server setup and maintenance services

As part of the Windows server configuration services, the file server and FTP service can be configured onsite and remotely.

FTP is a protocol for transferring data from a user’s computer to a server, from a website to a hard drive, or between servers. It appeared long before HTTP. Users can authenticate and perform the desired actions anonymously, whether this function is provided. Today, there are specialized programs for transferring data via FTP and programs for web development with built-in data exchange functionality.

Why FTP?

It can be used to copy files from computer to server and from server to computer. One of the benefits of using FTP is downloading multiple documents at the same time. Some programs provide the ability to edit files directly on the hosting. The standard client window is divided into two parts:

  • the first one displays everything that is uploaded to the server;
  • in the second, everything on the computer.

In addition to these, auxiliary windows are used. The user selects the document that he wants to put on the server and transfers it. Before that, he sometimes has to log in. The data is indicated in the format: + password.

Some browsers have built-in FTP clients. There are also special components and plugins for sites that can work with FTP.

Remote Desktop Configuration Services

If you have a ready-made Windows server with Remote Desktop Service enabled, then we can help you set up RDP. We can also configure a server or computer to connect to it via the remote desktop protocol.

To use RDP when sharing 1C accounting, it is recommended to use operating systems: Windows 2012R2.

It is also highly recommended to install an additional hard drive for archives of 1C databases and user files.

We can set up a remote desktop onsite and remotely through remote administration programs.

VPN server and client configuration services

We will provide services for setting up VPN servers and clients remotely and onsite for companies and individual entrepreneurs who want to work remotely with networks and servers.

Recently, companies are transferring employees to remote work, which allows them to save on wages. Now the time has come when many company employees may not come to the office at their workplace, but work from home using instant messengers, e-mail, remote desktop access programs and mobile communications.

As many have already understood, leaving the server with the RDP protocol enabled and publishing it on the Internet on a standard port is an extremely risky undertaking that very often leads to its encryption by hackers. Often, hacking can be avoided by changing the external TCP port, although it is not a panacea, but it provides much greater reliability. The most reliable protection is using a VPN to access the terminal server.

We can organize a VPN server using:

  • Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019
  • MikroTik Router OS

Configure PPtP and L2TP VPN client to:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10
  • MikroTik Router OS

It is also possible to configure clients of VPN providers if you care about your anonymity on the Internet.

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