For novice Windows and Mac users, we offer onsite and remote reinstallation and configuration of popular software.

As part of the service of installing and configuring programs on-site for  MAC and PC, specialists will install on your computer not only the operating system, but also additional applications.

To work effectively on a computer, you need an operating system and basic programs, and it is also important to organize their uninterrupted and correct operation. Often it is also necessary to configure the programs necessary for the work of the employees of the enterprise and ensure their compatibility with other software products.

In order to start working on a computer, you need a foundation – an operating system, the installation of which, especially for non-“advanced” users, should be entrusted to specialists. This will allow you to quickly bring your computer into working order, while avoiding errors. Our experts will help you  reinstall the operating system :  the Windows and  MacOS X .

As part of the service, specialists will install on your computer not only the operating system, but also additional applications: the Libre office software package  , Avast antivirus program  , K-lite audio and video players  , 7-zip archiver  , browsers:  Opera ,  Chrome ,  Edge , required for Internet use, graphic editor  Gimp , mail program  Mozilla Thunderbird, and other programs for your comfortable use. At the same time, an important nuance is that specialists install only free software, which is already a guarantee of the legal purity of the computer software. The company’s specialists implement the following steps as part of the software reinstallation and configuration services:

  1. Departure of a specialist, clarification of the wishes of the customer, statement of the problem.
  2. Installing and configuring software, basic testing.
  3. Advising a customer on the use of software.

What advantages do you get by contacting specialists for installation and configuration of programs?

  • Quality assurance of the work performed and the future functioning of the software.
  • The extensive experience of specialists in this field, as well as the ability to  install a licensed version of Windows,  allows you to perform high-quality installation and configuration.
  • Assistance in the selection of the optimal set of programs necessary for efficient work on the computer, while avoiding “clogging” with unnecessary and unused software.
  • Providing consulting assistance to users regarding the possibilities and nuances of working with individual applications.
  • Guaranteed comfortable and uninterrupted operation of your computer.
  • Prompt solution of the task.
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