We will set up any Wi-Fi routers with a visit to your home or office. Modern computer technologies offer the user all the new achievements that can make working with a computer and the Internet more convenient, better quality and faster.

Thus, wired Internet has been replaced by wireless Wi-Fi networks, which provide the ability to quickly and conveniently access the Internet at high speed, without wires and being tied to the workplace, which allows you to easily and quickly connect new devices. However, when installing Wi-Fi, high-quality and competent setup is required in order to be able to fully use its advantages and capabilities.

Wireless network configuration services include installing Wi-Fi access points, setting encryption algorithms, performing network card configurations, testing and debugging the system, securing access and information, connecting and configuring peripheral devices, setting parameters in the Windows operating system, and more. To enhance Wi-Fi, a so-called wireless bridge is configured between access points supporting WDS technology. The company’s specialists are engaged in setting up Wi-Fi networks, and therefore have a lot of accumulated experience and are guaranteed to do the job efficiently.

Experts will be able to perform work on setting up a Wi-Fi network, regardless of the scale of work (for single users or corporate) and the place of Wi-Fi installation (city apartment or office building, country house or tourist complex, hotel or cafe, etc.) …

If you want to have a convenient and high-quality Internet connection, our specialists will configure such routers as: D-Link, Zuxel,  Huawei,  Promsvyaz,  TP-Link,  MikroTik, as well as many other vendors of network equipment. If necessary, we will help you to select the most optimal equipment suitable for fulfilling your tasks.

Using the service of Wi-Fi setup by specialists will help you save time, make subsequent work in the network fast, high-quality and safe. By trusting the specialists, you will prevent unauthorized distribution and use of personal, proprietary information, which is especially important for a corporate user.

Our experts will also help you correct errors of incorrect installation and configuration of the router, ensure the confidentiality of information and optimize the operation of all devices. In our work, we take into account the wishes of customers, the specifics of the task, some aspects of using Wi-Fi, so that the developed network has maximum performance, provides information protection and access only to a certain group of people.

  • confidentiality guarantees;
  • we provide  services for the installation of Wi-Fi;
  • quality assurance of work performed;
  • prompt terms of solving the assigned tasks;
  • consulting support for our customers.

In addition, if you already have the Internet working, you can now configure Wi-Fi using  the remote administration program.


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