Wi-Fi installation and expansion services are increasingly in demand . In cafes and restaurants, Wi-Fi is installed for marketing purposes. In offices to work with laptops, printers and mobile phones.

Wi-Fi is installed in warehouses to carry out accounting of material values ​​using special equipment

There is often a need to expand an existing wireless network. There are also cases when the existing network does not allow achieving maximum performance. The Wi-Fi network simply “slows down” and none of the specialists understands why this is happening. It is in such cases that we offer services to improve the existing Wi-Fi network.

What can we usually do:

  • Install cable lines to organize a Wi-Fi network;
  • Dominate Wi-Fi access points to the existing network;
  • Configure the existing network if it is made on MikroTik  equipment  or another  SOHO vendor .

Recall that according to the legislation, in order to operate a Wi-Fi network in public places, video surveillance must be installed and each user must be authenticated. If there is no video surveillance, Wi-Fi networks can also be used, but it is necessary to keep statistics on the use of the Internet by clients and establishments and to authenticate them. For this, we propose to connect authorization via SMS.

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