We will provide services for configuring TP-Link routers onsite and remotely. Let’s solve the main tasks of the user and the system administrator of a small network.

  • Setting up routing
  • Wi-Fi setup
  • PPPoE, L2TP, PPTP setup
  • DHCP, IP, DNS setting
  • Setting up forwarding (forwarding), opening ports
  • Setting up together with providers
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We also recommend:

  • Dust cleaning

    We will provide services for cleaning computers from dust with a visit to the office. Let's clean the power supplies and CPU heatsinks.

  • Installation of video surveillance

    We will provide services for installing video surveillance via the Internet using IP cameras and a video recorder.

  • Enhance wifi

    We will provide services to enhance the Wi-Fi signal from the router of the Internet provider or expand the network with a visit to the office and home.

  • Mikro Tik

    Full use of the MikroTik router is achieved only as a result of its competent configuration. An inexperienced specialist can mess around with a router for a very long time without making it work.

  • Power Supply

    We will provide on-site verification of ATX voltage compliance of power supplies.