A low-voltage network is an integral part of the engineering equipment of a modern office and home. Without them, high-quality communication is impossible, television, radio, home automation do not work, computers remote from each other do not function.

We will install a low-current network for telephony and ethernet. We will install patch panels, wiring closets and crimp cables, sockets and connectors

Price for services of installation of local networks and telephony

Services for the laying of low-voltage networks are more in demand than ever, since their relevance has increased dramatically. The city halls of large cities have adopted a number of promising programs for the creation of automated energy accounting systems and urban intranet networks. Signal transmission in them is carried out mainly by wires. More and more citizens are installing security and video surveillance systems in their apartments, receiving information via the Internet channel about the state of affairs in their homes in the absence of owners. The day is not far off when disparate low-voltage networks of apartment buildings will begin to be combined into structured cabling systems, as is done in modern offices.

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