Such words, as applied to a computer, & nbsp; as “slows down”, “lags”, “glitches” and “freezes” have firmly entered our life. Everyone knows the meaning of these words, but not everyone can correctly understand the reasons for this behavior of computer technology. As a rule, an ordinary user in such situations does not even try to restore, but immediately resorts to reinstalling the operating system and programs.

While in most cases, you can get by with cleaning and optimizing the operating system. After the optimization procedure carried out by our specialists, you will be able to independently assess how stable and faster your computer is.

The specialists of Biztech have extensive experience in configuring and supporting computer equipment and peripheral devices, will help you buy a router in Minsk, configure a modem for two computers, configure Wi-Fi, & nbsp; install a free antivirus program. & Nbsp; Skill level of our specialists meets all the relevant requirements of the modern environment.

Setting up and maintaining computers may include services:

The work of Biztech specialists is conscientiousness and guarantees of the quality of work, installed software product and components, short terms for solving tasks, reasonable prices.

We value every client! For more information and advice, please contact our specialists by phone.

The work of Biztech specialists is a guarantee of the quality and serviceability of your computer equipment.

We also recommend:

  • Program setting

    We provide services for remote configuration of popular software for PC and MAC users. Our services will cost you much cheaper without leaving the city.

  • Keenetic

    We will provide services for setting up Zuxel Keenetic routers onsite and remotely. Let's solve the basic tasks of the user and the system administrator of a small network.

  • SSD

    We will provide services to upgrade your computer by installing an additional SSD for the operating system onsite.

  • Xiaomi

    We will provide services for setting up Xiaomi routers in Chinese with a visit to the office and to your home.

  • Windows

    For novice Windows and Mac users, we offer onsite and remote reinstallation and configuration of popular software.