Google Chrome has become more convenient for those who like to open a hundred or two sites at the same time. Tab grouping is available for everyone

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Almost four months after the announcement. In the latest version of the Google Chrome browser, the new tab grouping feature has become activated by default for all users.


Nvidia suggests to download GeForce 445.78 Hotfix driver

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Earlier this week, Nvidia released a Game Ready GeForce 445.78 WHQL driver package to coincide with the release of the VR shooter Half-Life: Alyx. A more recent release of GeForce 445.78 with the Hotfix mark is already available on the official site of the "green". It is recommended for those who use the Image Sharpening function, which is responsible for sharpening the image.


Adobe will permanently end support for Flash Player December 31, 2020

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On December 31, 2020, Adobe will permanently end support for the Flash Player. From this point on, the product life cycle (EOL) has ended, new versions or updates will no longer be released. In this article, we'll take a look at what a Windows administrator needs to know about Flash Player end of support.