Departure of a specialist 150uah
Departure of a specialist in the region 300uah
Installing Windows and drivers550uah
nstalling Windows, drivers and programs700uah
Installation of office programs150uah
Installing drivers150uah
Removing viruses from your computer200uah
Repair Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10400uah
Setting up a local network, network printers 200uah
Setting up Wi-Fi on ADSL modems150uah
Configuring Wi-Fi on Ethernet routers200uah
Remote configuration of routers200uah
Recovering information from a USB flash drive250uah
Recovering information from a hard drive300uah
Computer diagnostics150uah
Easy computer repair200uah
Configuring the computer BIOS, programs and OS200uah
Cleaning the laptop cooling system from dust250uah
Setting up NAS300uah
Reset Windows passwords200uah
One hour of specialist work for other services 200uah