We will provide services for setting up Promsvyaz modems onsite and remotely.

  • Let’s set up Wi-Fi on routers of any providers.
  • Let’s forward ports if you have a static IP
  • Let’s put the modem in the “Router” mode
  • Let’s set up a network of several routers with Wi-Fi roaming

Some of the types of work will be performed remotely, the rest will be done on site.


We also recommend:

  • Keenetic

    We will provide services for setting up Zuxel Keenetic routers onsite and remotely. Let's solve the basic tasks of the user and the system administrator of a small network.

  • HDD

    We will provide services of replacement or additional installation of a hard disk HDD in a computer onsite.

  • Program setting

    We provide services for remote configuration of popular software for PC and MAC users. Our services will cost you much cheaper without leaving the city.

  • Wi-Fi installation

    Wi-Fi installation and expansion services are increasingly in demand . In cafes and restaurants, Wi-Fi is installed for marketing purposes. In offices to work with laptops, printers and mobile phones.

  • Website promotion

    We successfully provide  website promotion services. We know what the promotion of a business on the Internet is, and we will help your site to bring new customers, and you will make a profit.