We provide services for remote configuration of popular software for PC and MAC users. Our services will cost you much cheaper without leaving the city.

We can only repair popular office software. If it is possible to repair your software, please check by phone.*

Remote configuration of a computer is  performed using the licensed remote administration program Ammy Admin v3.9, which you can download  here . You can also use  Supremo   or  AeroAdmin . For MAC OS X users, there are alternatives in the form:  AnyDesk  and  Teamveawer . On your part, the purchase of licenses for these software solutions is not required.

To solve the problem, you must provide the specialist with the ID and password. When the program is running, it can control your computer’s mouse. You can take control of yourself and disconnect the session at any time.

Remote computer assistance via the Internet  will save you time and money.

Programs and operating systems with which we can help you:

  • MS Windows XP/7/8/10
  • MS Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 (RDP setting)
  • Apple macOS 10.7.X-10.15.X
  • MS Office 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016
  • MikroTik Router OS
  • Adobe PhotoShop, etc.
  • CorelDRAW X8/2017/2018/2019
  • Accounting programs

Configuration that can be performed remotely via the Internet:

  • Data recovery software
  • Installing drivers
  • Cleaning the operating system from old software
  • Removing some viruses
  • Enlargement (Expansion) of the C drive:
  • Installing programs

* – repairs of some programs require you to contact the copyright holders and their supports.


We also recommend:

  • Subscription service

    Subscriber services are carried out by specialists on the spot and are aimed at bringing computers and office equipment into working order as soon as possible.

  • Power Supply

    We will provide on-site verification of ATX voltage compliance of power supplies.

  • TP-Link

    We will provide services for configuring TP-Link routers onsite and remotely. Let's solve the main tasks of the user and the system administrator of a small network.

  • Wi-Fi in transport

    Установим Wi-Fi роутеры в международные туристические автобусы.

  • Internet advertising

    In the modern world, with the active development of Internet technologies, the global world network is increasingly used as a tool for solving commercial problems and not only. One of these tasks is advertising a product or service over the Internet.