We will provide network and computer reconfiguration services when moving to a new office. Let’s go to you.

Let’s do the work:

  • Reconfiguring SOHO routers for another Internet provider;
  • Reconfiguring printers and network resources if they stopped working;
  • Connecting computers;
  • Laying the network  or connecting with a cable to the finished network;

Service price is negotiable.

We also recommend:

  • Server publishing

    As part  of server configuration services  and separately, we will provide  services for publishing a server  on the Internet on a static IP. If necessary, we will leave.

  • Dust cleaning

    We will provide services for cleaning computers from dust with a visit to the office. Let's clean the power supplies and CPU heatsinks.

  • Wi-Fi in transport

    Установим Wi-Fi роутеры в международные туристические автобусы.

  • CentOS

    We will provide on-site installation of CentOS Linux.

  • Installing drivers

    Sometimes, after self-reinstalling Windows by a novice user, the sound does not work, the printer is not available, there is no Internet or games are not running. It is difficult to take a heavy computer to the workshop and you don't want to, but you need to finish an important job or print a term paper urgently. It is for such a group of users that we offer  driver installation services with a visit to your home or office .