We will provide network and computer reconfiguration services when moving to a new office. Let’s go to you.

Let’s do the work:

  • Reconfiguring SOHO routers for another Internet provider;
  • Reconfiguring printers and network resources if they stopped working;
  • Connecting computers;
  • Laying the network  or connecting with a cable to the finished network;

Service price is negotiable.

We also recommend:

  • Website improvement

    We will provide services for finalizing and filling sites with content on CMS (WordPress, Opencart, etc.). We will support sites made by another developer.

  • Repair of connectors

    We will restore broken connectors on motherboards, video cards and even non-standard equipment.

  • Internet advertising

    In the modern world, with the active development of Internet technologies, the global world network is increasingly used as a tool for solving commercial problems and not only. One of these tasks is advertising a product or service over the Internet.

  • Setting up computers

    Today it is impossible to imagine the work of an office without a computer, there are computer equipment in almost every home: stationary computers, laptops, printers, scanners and so on. Unfortunately, in the work of computer equipment, malfunctions often occur, which cannot always be eliminated even by an advanced user.

  • Memory

    We will provide diagnostic services for RAM (RAM) onsite and remotely.