Network-attached storage (NAS) is gaining popularity. They are already beginning to be installed not only in offices but also at home. Not everyone understands how to set up a network disk storage for files and its joint work with several computers.

Most NAS allow you to work with them remotely in real time using the SMB protocol. You can also configure access to network storage from phones and tablets. Advanced NAS supports protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, AFP, NFS, Photo Station + Audio Station, DLNA / UPnP. They can host simple sites, act as a media server. If you have a need to publish your NAS on the Internet and provide access to it from phones, tablets and computers, we recommend using the services of setting up network storage on site.


We also recommend:

  • Setting up IP cameras

    We will provide services for setting up video surveillance via an IP camera for a small office or apartment. We will publish your DVR or IP camera on the Internet if you have changed your Internet provider.

  • Enhance wifi

    We will provide services to enhance the Wi-Fi signal from the router of the Internet provider or expand the network with a visit to the office and home.

  • Windows

    Very often, enterprises use Windows servers to ensure the work of employees. A terminal server with 1C accounting is available in almost every enterprise where there are several accountants on staff. For this category of clients, we provide  services for configuring windows servers.

  • TP-Link

    We will provide services for configuring TP-Link routers onsite and remotely. Let's solve the main tasks of the user and the system administrator of a small network.

  • Repair of connectors

    We will restore broken connectors on motherboards, video cards and even non-standard equipment.