We will provide services for installing Linux Mint on personal computers on-site.

Linux Mint is a community-developed free Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and Debian. The goal of the project is to provide the user with “a modern, elegant and user-friendly operating system that is both powerful and easy to use.” Linux Mint provides full support for a wide variety of media formats, includes some proprietary software, and comes bundled with an extensive set of open source applications. The founder of the project is Clement Lefebvre, the development team (Mint Linux Team) and the user community are also actively involved in the development.


We also recommend:

  • Windows

    For novice Windows and Mac users, we offer onsite and remote reinstallation and configuration of popular software.

  • Computer help

    For novice users, we will provide computer assistance services and teach how to work on a computer.

  • Electrician

    Experienced specialists will carry out the installation of electrical and low-current networks in your house, apartment, office, production site under construction.

  • SSD

    We will provide services to upgrade your computer by installing an additional SSD for the operating system onsite.

  • Wi-Fi in transport

    Установим Wi-Fi роутеры в международные туристические автобусы.