One hour of specialist work, which includes setup, training and consultations, costs 300uah. (Pay at least one hour)

Prices for MikroTik customization services: 200uah (pay at least one hour). Departure: 150uah.

Average duration of work in minutes: 

Basic Internet and Wi-Fi setup25
Configuring CAPsMAN 30
Configuring a VPN server PPtP, L2TP20
PPtP Client Configuration, OpenVPN, L2TP, PPPoE15 
Networking of offices via PPtP25
Configuring traffic filtering rules30
NAT configuration and port forwarding10
Port forwarding through NAT from two providers to the server30
Configuring traffic routing policies for multiple ISPs15
Configuring NAT to route users across multiple public IPs30
Combining Internet channels into one30
Configuring backups of settings on a schedule20
Setting up sending backups to e-mail20
Configuring traffic consumption limits for users20
Configuring statistics on router resources20
Mutual redundancy of several Internet channels10
Changing the MAC address on interfaces10