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The Release to Manufacturers (RTM) version should be out in a few weeks. Microsoft does not promise to release Windows 11 in the next few years, instead, desktops and laptops will continue to use the constantly refined Windows 10. But budget laptops, this is a completely different story: Microsoft is preparing a special version of Windows 10 – Windows 10X for them. According to the source, this operating system will very soon (within a few weeks) be released in the RTM (Release to Manufacturers) version for PC partners.

 Windows 10X will not be offered as a standalone product – it will be preinstalled on low-power laptops, which should act as an alternative to cheap laptops running Chrome OS. Microsoft unambiguously regulated this point, but nothing can prevent users from making the distribution kit on their own and installing it on other PCs.

Windows 10X will turn out to be a light version of the standard and well-known Windows 10 – with a simplified Start menu (it will lose tiles and become similar to the classic Start of previous versions of Windows), windows with rounded corners, unified drivers and no support for Win32 applications at the initial stage. However, then the situation with Win32 is unlikely to get better – while they talk about support for the “most popular” applications through the cloud service “Cloud PC”, which is integrated with Office 365. Windows 10X is promised to be optimized for mobile computers with a small amount of RAM – 4 GB, however more expensive models with more RAM will go on sale at the initial stage. It will happen in the spring of 2021.


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