We will provide diagnostic services for RAM (RAM) onsite and remotely.

It is possible to replace RAM modules at home and in the office if a malfunction is detected.

We also recommend:

  • Ubuntu

    Ubuntu ([ʊˈbʊntuː]; from Zulu ubuntu - humanity; “Ubuntu”) is an operating system based on Debian GNU / Linux. The main developer and sponsor is Canonical. Currently, the project is actively developing and supported by the free community.

  • Cabinet transfer

    We will carry out the transfer of network equipment, patch panels and wiring closets onsite.

  • Linux

    We will provide services for installing programs on Linux onsite and remotely.

  • Installing drivers

    Sometimes, after self-reinstalling Windows by a novice user, the sound does not work, the printer is not available, there is no Internet or games are not running. It is difficult to take a heavy computer to the workshop and you don't want to, but you need to finish an important job or print a term paper urgently. It is for such a group of users that we offer  driver installation services with a visit to your home or office .

  • Office move

    We will provide network and computer reconfiguration services when moving to a new office. Let's go to you.