Software installation services for macOS are traditionally in demand among novice users of this operating system. Most serious companies have analogs of programs for Mac OS X. There are analogs of Microsoft Office for Apple users – Libre Office.

The analogue of Adobe PhotoShop can be Gimp. Those who have previously worked a lot with Windows and other operating systems will figure it out on the fly. Those who use a computer for work and entertainment, and are not technologists, may not understand everything in Mac OS X. It is for the category of novice users that we offer installation, configuration of programs and training to work in the Apple operating system.

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We also recommend:

  • Ubiquiti

    We will provide services for configuring Ubiquiti AirOS to work in small networks of private companies and individuals. We will go out or provide assistance remotely.

  • Repair of connectors

    We will restore broken connectors on motherboards, video cards and even non-standard equipment.

  • Internet advertising

    In the modern world, with the active development of Internet technologies, the global world network is increasingly used as a tool for solving commercial problems and not only. One of these tasks is advertising a product or service over the Internet.

  • Installing drivers

    Sometimes, after self-reinstalling Windows by a novice user, the sound does not work, the printer is not available, there is no Internet or games are not running. It is difficult to take a heavy computer to the workshop and you don't want to, but you need to finish an important job or print a term paper urgently. It is for such a group of users that we offer  driver installation services with a visit to your home or office .

  • Debian

    We will provide on-site Debian Linux installation services.