Separate installation of LAN and Telephony in walled rooms:

 Types of jobs Units The cost
 Installation of a local network in a separate box  workplace 90
 Installation of telephony in a separate box workplace 70

 Combined installation of LAN and telephony in walled rooms:

 Types of jobs  Units  The cost 
 Installation of telephony in one box with a LAN workplace  80
 LAN installation in one box with telephony  workplace 60

 Installation of interior highways if the premises are not connected by a wall: 

 Types of jobs   Units   The cost 
 Backbone to  local network in a box meter 30
 Backbone to a local network without a box  meter 10

 List of options that reduce the complexity of network maintenance:

 Options Price increase per socket 
 Sockets Schneider Electric   18
 Copper cable with conductor 0.52 mm   20

 The prices are indicated in hryvnya excluding switching equipment and cabinets.