Linux servers show themselves very well in the field of organizing user access to the Internet. IPTables has become the standard in providing filtering of traffic generated by ip networks. We offer  customization services for one of the leading Linux  systems for providing Internet access – MikroTik.

A big advantage of using MikroTik is the availability of not only solutions for building powerful routers on the x86 platform, but also its own software and hardware platform. RouterBoard series routers are very popular. They are suitable both for home use and for building networks of the average provider level.

We carry out the following types of work:

  • Installing Router OS on x86 computers.
  • Router OS Licensing Level 4, 5, 6.
  • Configuring the built systems.
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We also recommend:

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    We will provide services to upgrade your computer by installing an additional SSD for the operating system onsite.

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  • Crimping sockets

    As part of the services of installing a local area network and separately, we will perform crimping of RJ45 connectors and sockets.

  • Technical support

    Such words, as applied to a computer, & nbsp; as "slows down", "lags", "glitches" and "freezes" have firmly entered our life. Everyone knows the meaning of these words, but not everyone can correctly understand the reasons for this behavior of computer technology. As a rule, an ordinary user in such situations does not even try to restore, but immediately resorts to reinstalling the operating system and programs.

  • Dust cleaning

    We will provide services for cleaning computers from dust with a visit to the office. Let's clean the power supplies and CPU heatsinks.