Sometimes, after self-reinstalling Windows by a novice user, the sound does not work, the printer is not available, there is no Internet or games are not running. It is difficult to take a heavy computer to the workshop and you don’t want to, but you need to finish an important job or print a term paper urgently. It is for such a group of users that we offer  driver installation services with a visit to your home or office .

Often, users do not know where to get drivers for their laptop or PC if the disk that comes with it is lost. Sometimes this disk does not support new operating systems or, for example, does not have the entire set of drivers. Computers are often supplemented with additional hardware, drivers for which are only available on the Internet. Here an “ambush” is possible – the driver of a network card or Wi-Fi is also on the Internet. It is convenient to use our service to solve such problems.

To call the master, just call one of the phones in the header of the site and call the computer repair technician right at home. PC setup prices can be viewed  here .


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