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A structured cable system (SCS) is a complete set of communication cables and switching equipment that meets the requirements of the relevant regulatory documents. Includes a set of cables and switching elements, and a methodology for their sharing, which allows you to create regular expandable communication structures in local networks for various purposes. SCS is the physical basis of the infrastructure of a building, which allows you to combine many network information services for various purposes into a single system: local computer networks and telephone networks, security systems, video surveillance, etc.

Cable categories for SCS

  • CAT 5e. The easiest option in the segment. The frequency is 125 MHz. Speed ​​- 100 Mbps (2 pairs) and 1000 Mbps (4 pairs). Suitable for small objects with specialized systems (video surveillance, IP-telephony, “smart home”), where traffic and speed growth is not planned.
  • CAT 6. Most popular category. Data transmission frequency – 250 MHz, speed – up to 1000 Mbps. The cable does not overheat, has increased immunity to interference, and allows fewer errors.
  • CAT 6a. Improved version of CAT 6. Infotow rate – 10 Gigabits / sec at 500 MHz frequency band. The transmission range is up to 100 meters. Suitable for objects with a high concentration of traffic: data centers, metro networks and highways.
  • CAT 7. The fastest connection channel: transmission speed – up to 10 Gbps. High degree of fire safety, corrosion resistance. Accepts frequencies up to 700 MHz. Supports high speed applications and is upgradable.

Options for mounting double sockets

Budget option: Rexant double socket.

A beautiful, functional and convenient socket: Schneider Electric.

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