We will provide installation services for IP cameras and video recorders on site.

  • We will mount a local network to connect the equipment to the Internet.
  • Let’s publish a camera or recorder on the Internet on a static IP.
  • Let’s set up a video recorder and IP cameras.
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  • PC recovery

    Each of us has at least once faced an unexpected breakdown of a computer, its components, or a failure of software due to infection with viruses and malware. Often, this happens at the most inopportune moment: when you urgently need to prepare a report on a work or term paper, or a project, or when you have an interesting computer game, but there is no opportunity to try it out.

  • Disks

    We will carry out diagnostics of HDD and SSD onsite and remotely.

  • HDD

    We will provide services of replacement or additional installation of a hard disk HDD in a computer onsite.

  • Crimping RJ45

    As part of the services of installing a local network and separately, we can crimp RJ45 connectors and crimp sockets for connecting network equipment or a computer. We will go to the installation work in your apartment or office.

  • Huawei

    Окажем услуги настройки модемов Huawei с выездом и удалённо.