The main task of the technical support of the site is to ensure its successful, uninterrupted functioning on the Internet. This is possible only after placing the site files on a suitable server. That is, roughly speaking, placing a site on a powerful computer connected to the Internet around the clock.

This service is called hosting. Hosting can be different, for example, paid and free. High-quality paid hosting is usually ordered by the owners of large sites. Free hosting is often used by beginners, or those who do not count on a long work of their site. Hosting differs among themselves in the reliability and functionality of the server. If you have chosen a free hosting site, be prepared for the fact that your site may periodically disappear from the Internet, as well as some of the provided functions may not be supported on it. Paid hosting is usually distinguished by high technical characteristics of the server and greater efficiency.

A hosting company can undertake a significant part of the work on technical support of the site. She will place the site on her technical site, and will maintain it throughout the time provided by the contract with the client. The main tasks for the technical support of the site that hosting companies successfully solve are: providing round-the-clock general access to the site on the Internet, ensuring the security of the site and providing server resources sufficient for the full functioning of the site. Large firms that provide technical support services for the site sometimes offer trial testing of the hosting site. That is, for a short time to place your site on your server absolutely free of charge to show the quality of hosting services.

When choosing the optimal hosting for the site, you can contact resellers or hosting providers. That is, to agents engaged in the reselling of places on other people’s hosting sites. However, in this case, the technical support of the site is likely to be minimized, and the price can be significantly higher than that of the original company.

A good choice of hosting is a top priority for specialists involved in comprehensive technical support of any site. After all, the software that supports the functionality of the site depends on the operating system of the chosen hosting.


We also recommend:

  • Password reset

    Recovery of passwords in the Windows operating system can be carried out if it was forgotten or set by another user. If an employee quit the company and left behind such a computer, this is not a problem. The password can be reset without reinstalling the operating system.

  • Apple

    Especially for lovers of fresh "apples" we provide services for configuring routers and NAS from Apple. Let's set up AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Time Capsule. At your request, Wi-Fi can be configured, a printer or flash drive can be connected to a USB device.

  • Forwarding

    As part of the server configuration services and separately, we will configure the forwarding (opening, forwarding) of ports with an exit and remotely.

  • Windows

     Windows operating system recovery services  are in increasing demand due to numerous errors in the software written for it. Often, a new installed program or inept user actions disable the system.

  • Internet

    We will provide assistance in setting up the Internet on a variety of devices: TVs, tablets, laptops, stationary computers and mobile phones with a trip around the city.