We will provide services of replacement or additional installation of a hard disk HDD in a computer onsite.

Despite the dramatic decline in SSD prices, the low cost of storing data on HDDs makes it worthwhile to install them as an additional drive for storing large amounts of media content.

In addition, we carry out replacement of HDDs that are out of order due to shock or factory defects.

PS Hard drives in a stationary computer can usually be installed depending on the motherboard model from 4 to 6.


We also recommend:

  • CentOS

    We will provide on-site installation of CentOS Linux.

  • Windows

    Sometimes it is necessary to use specific Windows software on Apple computers. Often, launching it from under Windows emulators and from virtual machines is not convenient or does not allow you to use the hardware at full capacity. It is for this group of users that we suggest installing Windows alongside Mac OS X.

  • Power Supply

    We will provide on-site verification of ATX voltage compliance of power supplies.

  • Computer help

    For novice users, we will provide computer assistance services and teach how to work on a computer.

  • Removing viruses

    We remove viruses using the licensed remote administration program Ammy Admin v3.9, which you can download  here. You can also use  Supremo  or  AeroAdmin. For macOS users, there are alternatives in the form:  AnyDesk  and  Teamveawer. On your part, the purchase of licenses for these software solutions is not required.