We will provide services to eliminate a failure in the computer hardware onsite.

Sometimes the computer, after turning on the button, starts making noise with the fans, but there is nothing on the screen. Often this is a failure of some of the parts, but in 20% of cases it is a failure in the operation of the bundle: the motherboard, RAM. There are frequent cases of failure in the operating system and this is  corrected by reinstalling it . And it can be fixed at home and in the office.

We also recommend:

  • TP-Link

    We will provide services for configuring TP-Link routers onsite and remotely. Let's solve the main tasks of the user and the system administrator of a small network.

  • Replacing the PS

    Computer won't turn on? Doesn't make any sounds when you press the power button? We will replace the failed ATX computer power supply on-site.

  • Linux

    We will provide services for installing programs on Linux onsite and remotely.

  • Crimping sockets

    As part of the services of installing a local area network and separately, we will perform crimping of RJ45 connectors and sockets.

  • Setting up IP cameras

    We will provide services for setting up video surveillance via an IP camera for a small office or apartment. We will publish your DVR or IP camera on the Internet if you have changed your Internet provider.