Experienced specialists will carry out the installation of electrical and low-current networks in your house, apartment, office, production site under construction.

The main difference from many others is a high level of knowledge of low-current communications (the local networkWi-Fitelephonyvideo surveillance  and more). That is, choosing us, you can entrust all the work to one person who will be responsible for the quality and performance of everything in the complex.

You work with specific real people, not managers who promised anything to sell a service, but at the end everything is completely different. When choosing us as performers, we will analyze the project free of charge and point out all potential improvements and shortcomings, if any.

We try to work with materials of medium and high quality. We will show you where and what you can save on, and where it is absolutely impossible to do this. We never mislead the customer about the timing, we immediately say the real, and not the desired, execution time with all possible hidden factors. We really appreciate adequate and pleasant customers, they always want to do the best quality and inexpensively! The main mutual respect on both sides is the key to success.

From us you can get comprehensive information on automation, RCDs, shields, as well as professional advice on networks: local, Internet, corporate, Wi-Fi, video surveillance. When one person is responsible for everything, this is a guarantee of almost complete absence of joint performance problems, and certainly no rework and double work.

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