We will carry out diagnostics of HDD and SSD onsite and remotely.

Let’s test the surface of the hard drive on “Bad”. We count errors in Smart.

It is possible to replace the disk with a new one if a malfunction is detected.


We also recommend:

  • Laying of networks for telephony

    A low-voltage network is an integral part of the engineering equipment of a modern office and home. Without them, high-quality communication is impossible, television, radio, home automation do not work, computers remote from each other do not function.

  • Promsvyaz

    We will provide services for setting up Promsvyaz modems onsite and remotely.

  • macOS X

    Software installation services for macOS are traditionally in demand among novice users of this operating system. Most serious companies have analogs of programs for Mac OS X. There are analogs of Microsoft Office for Apple users - Libre Office.

  • Enhance wifi

    We will provide services to enhance the Wi-Fi signal from the router of the Internet provider or expand the network with a visit to the office and home.

  • CentOS

    We will provide on-site installation of CentOS Linux.