We will provide on-site Debian Linux installation services.

Debian ([ˈdɛbiən]) is an operating system made up of free and open source software. Currently, Debian GNU / Linux is one of the most popular and important GNU / Linux distributions, having in its initial form had a significant impact on the development of this type of OS in general. There is also a project based on another kernel: Debian GNU / Hurd. Debian can be used as an operating system for both servers and workstations.


We also recommend:

  • SSD

    We will provide services to upgrade your computer by installing an additional SSD for the operating system onsite.

  • Installation of ip cameras

    We will provide installation services for IP cameras and video recorders on site.

  • DVRs

    We will provide the service of setting up Hikvision, Hiwatch, Dahoe DVRs as part of the  installation of a local network and  video surveillance .

  • Mint

    We will provide services for installing Linux Mint on personal computers on-site.

  • Disks

    We will carry out diagnostics of HDD and SSD onsite and remotely.