Installing RAM DDR4 +4Gb 75 
 Installing RAM DDR4 +8Gb150
 Installing RAM DDR2/3 +8GB120
 Installing RAM DDR2/3 +4Gb 60 
 Installing RAM DDR2/3 +2GB 30 
 Installing SSD 120Gb 80 
 Installing SSD 240Gb110
 Installing SSD 480Gb190
 Installing a powerful CPU for MB S775/AM2 (Dual core) 35 
 Installing a powerful CPU for MB AM2/AM3+ (Tri-core)  45
 Installing a powerful CPU for MB S775/AM2/AM3+ (Quad-core) 60
  • Prices for upgrades are indicated in hryvnya.
  • Prices for other modernization options are negotiable.
  • Installable dual-core processors intel Core 2 Duo E4600/E6700/E7600/E8500
  • Installable quad-core processors intel Core 2 Quad Q6X00/Q8XX0/Q9XX0 
  • Installable dual-core processors AMD Athlon X2 5000 and higher
  • Installed tri-core processors AMD Athlon II X3 and higher
  • Installable quad-core processors AMD Phenom 9750 and higher,