For novice users, we will provide computer assistance services and teach how to work on a computer.

We also recommend:

  • Dust cleaning

    We will provide services for cleaning computers from dust with a visit to the office. Let's clean the power supplies and CPU heatsinks.

  • Forwarding

    As part of the server configuration services and separately, we will configure the forwarding (opening, forwarding) of ports with an exit and remotely.

  • Huawei

    Окажем услуги настройки модемов Huawei с выездом и удалённо.

  • macOS

    Mac OS X installation services are sometimes required by users when a lot of unnecessary settings have accumulated or software that is no longer needed or even malicious. Viruses are now being written not only for Windows. When the operating system is used for a long time, it starts to work slowly.

  • Information recovery

    Our specialists will be able to help you recover information on-site and remotely. Experienced employees of our company will help you return important data, respecting your confidentiality and your interests.