We will provide on-site installation of CentOS Linux.

CentOS ((/ ˈsɛntɒs /, Community ENTerprise Operating System) is a Linux distribution based on and compatible with Red Hat’s commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux. According to the lifecycle of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS 5, 6 and 7 will be supported “up to 10 years” as they are based on RHEL [5] Previously, CentOS 4 was supported for seven years.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is free and open source software but is available as binary discs for paid subscribers only. As required under the GPL and others, Red Hat provides all the source code. The CentOS developers use this source code to create a final product that is very close to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and available for download. There are other clones of Red Hat Enterprise Linux based on this code.


We also recommend:

  • Repair of connectors

    We will restore broken connectors on motherboards, video cards and even non-standard equipment.

  • CPU

    We will provide services for the modernization of old office computers by replacing the processor (CPU) on site.

  • Removing viruses

    We remove viruses using the licensed remote administration program Ammy Admin v3.9, which you can download  here. You can also use  Supremo  or  AeroAdmin. For macOS users, there are alternatives in the form:  AnyDesk  and  Teamveawer. On your part, the purchase of licenses for these software solutions is not required.

  • Password reset

    Recovery of passwords in the Windows operating system can be carried out if it was forgotten or set by another user. If an employee quit the company and left behind such a computer, this is not a problem. The password can be reset without reinstalling the operating system.

  • Crimping sockets

    As part of the services of installing a local area network and separately, we will perform crimping of RJ45 connectors and sockets.