We create platforms for a successful business

What can we offer?

Development of online stores, corporate, landing pages

Basic SEO optimization for website promotion

When developing a website or online store, it is very important to immediately think over the correct seo architecture and perform basic optimization, this will allow you to avoid major site alterations in the future and speed up the process of further promotion in search networks.

Contextual advertising campaign

When ordering website development from us, you can also get a full range of services for marketing, website promotion and setting up contextual advertising in Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

Help with filling content

If necessary, we will fill your site with all the information so that you can launch it immediately after development. Parsing from third-party resources, integration with databases or manual filling with goods.

A/B testing and site support

In order to achieve the desired business indicators (required conversion, cost of circulation, etc.), you need to constantly work on the site. With the help of A / B testing, we will experimentally determine which headings and text users perceive better, which structure they consider more convenient, all this will allow us to step by step bring the site to the desired indicators.

  • Internet advertising

    In the modern world, with the active development of Internet technologies, the global world network is increasingly used as a tool for solving commercial problems and not only. One of these tasks is advertising a product or service over the Internet.

  • Website promotion

    We successfully provide  website promotion services. We know what the promotion of a business on the Internet is, and we will help your site to bring new customers, and you will make a profit.

  • Hosting services

    The main task of the technical support of the site is to ensure its successful, uninterrupted functioning on the Internet. This is possible only after placing the site files on a suitable server. That is, roughly speaking, placing a site on a powerful computer connected to the Internet around the clock.

  • Website improvement

    We will provide services for finalizing and filling sites with content on CMS (WordPress, Opencart, etc.). We will support sites made by another developer.

  • CMS

    Development of business card websites on WordPress and online stores on Opencart  for companies and their marketing development is one of our specialties. Often, in order to attract customers on the Internet, a description of a product or service and a price list are enough. But in order to get a good conversion, it is recommended to use a beautiful design.