We will provide services for installing video surveillance via the Internet using IP cameras and a video recorder.

Video surveillance allows you to ensure security and control what is happening in the workplace or at home.

The range of services for the installation of video surveillance includes:

  1. Project development and selection of the necessary equipment. At this stage, the designer finds the best option for the location of cameras and communication lines; networks. At the same time, the preferred models of cameras and a recorder, if any, are being specified;
  2. At this stage, the owner of the premises must connect a static IP in order to publish the cameras or recorder on the Internet;
  3. Installation and connection of a video surveillance system. Installers install cameras, bring a twisted pair cable to them, connect a video recorder if necessary;
  4. Testing of the installed system, final configuration and equipment debugging. This is the final stage when the equipment is checked in operation;
  5. After eliminating minor defects, the system is handed over to the customer and is considered working.