Laying of local networks is a complex work that is carried out by our specialists with high quality, thoughtfully and on time, clearly agreed with the customer.

Today, local networks* are laid, as a rule, with a supply of connection points, which makes it possible to expand the network without hindrance if it is necessary to create new jobs. In recent years, installation of local networks is more often carried out with UTP5e cable, which gives a high quality of communication and the ability to switch to Gigabit Ethernet without network modifications in the future. It is economically feasible not to gouge the walls, but to mount the computer network into PVC boxes. The cost of laying a local computer network without taking into account switching equipment and cabinets for it can be estimated from the tables.  You can read about the technical nuances of the mounted network in our blog. With an unlimited budget, you can even do as in the photo.

Laying local networks is a complex work that is carried out by our specialists in the following sequence:

  • visit of a specialist to the site, taking measurements and obtaining information from the customer,
  • local network design: structured cabling system, computer and telephone network,
  • drawing up a project and a cost estimate,
  • coordination and approval of the estimate with the customer,
  • installation of the cable system,
  • networking
  • testing and commissioning.
  • Laying of networks for telephony

    A low-voltage network is an integral part of the engineering equipment of a modern office and home. Without them, high-quality communication is impossible, television, radio, home automation do not work, computers remote from each other do not function.

  • Wi-Fi installation

    Wi-Fi installation and expansion services are increasingly in demand . In cafes and restaurants, Wi-Fi is installed for marketing purposes. In offices to work with laptops, printers and mobile phones.

  • Wi-Fi in transport

    Установим Wi-Fi роутеры в международные туристические автобусы.

  • Crimping RJ45

    As part of the services of installing a local network and separately, we can crimp RJ45 connectors and crimp sockets for connecting network equipment or a computer. We will go to the installation work in your apartment or office.

  • Crimping sockets

    As part of the services of installing a local area network and separately, we will perform crimping of RJ45 connectors and sockets.

  • Installation of SCS

    We will provide installation services for SCS. Price for installation of SCS and LAN .

  • Cabinet transfer

    We will carry out the transfer of network equipment, patch panels and wiring closets onsite.

  • Installation of video surveillance

    We will provide services for installing video surveillance via the Internet using IP cameras and a video recorder.

  • Installation of ip cameras

    We will provide installation services for IP cameras and video recorders on site.

  • Electrician

    Experienced specialists will carry out the installation of electrical and low-current networks in your house, apartment, office, production site under construction.