Let's set up routers of Internet providers with a visit to your home and office. Today, many users are familiar with wireless networks and the benefits of using them.

The company's specialists will help you to correctly and quickly set up any ADSL modem. The need to contact a specialist is due to the fact that an incorrect router configuration can enable your neighbor at home or office, with certain skills in hacking Wi-Fi networks, to use your Internet and have access to your personal and business information.

Qualitative performance of security settings requires not only certain knowledge, but also accumulated experience. A common misconception among users is that there is no need to encrypt Wi-Fi, since the login and password requested from the server when entering the Internet is quite sufficient protection. Even a weakly secure Wi-Fi network allows an advanced user to connect to your access point and engage in ARP spoofing by passing your data through itself.

An attacker can use your Internet by increasing the traffic load and, as a result, reducing speed and performance.

That is why we offer you to secure yourself and your information so that you can use all the advantages and possibilities of the Internet without risk. Our specialists will help you with this. Modem configuration services Promsvyaz is:

  • installing and configuring a Wi-Fi access point;
  • professional troubleshooting;
  • guaranteed system security;
  • quality and operational terms of work;
  • individual approach to each customer;
  • remote assistance and advice.

For more information on modem configuration services, please contact our specialists by phone.

Prices for setting up modems