If you find any signs of computer viruses, please contact us for help. We can not only remove viruses remotely, but also eliminate the consequences of infection, secure your computer for the future using the latest antivirus products.

Remote removal of viruses is performed using the licensed remote administration program Ammy Admin v3.9, which you can download here. You can also use Supremo or AeroAdmin. For macOS users, there are alternatives in the form: AnyDesk and Teamveawer. On your part, the purchase of licenses for these software solutions is optional.

Today, perhaps, there is no such user who would not have encountered computer viruses. They are a self-replicating program attached to any other program and distributed through storage media or a computer network.

The danger of this phenomenon, of course, depends on the virus itself and its type, however, some threats can be identified that any virus poses:

  • loss of control / access to a program or operating system,
  • data loss,
  • encrypt user files on a computer or server;
  • cracking passwords
  • uncontrolled distribution of messages infected with viruses
  • extraction and dissemination of data, causing material damage (dissemination of information about bank accounts and deposits, financial data of enterprises, etc.),
  • the multiplication of viruses leads to the infection of most programs up to the complete destruction of the operating system.

Infection of a computer with viruses, as a rule, does not go unnoticed. This can be identified by the following signs:

  • Software crashes or denials,
  • Slow computer performance (“thinks” for a long time), freezes and crashes,
  • Problems loading the operating system,
  • Loss or modification of files and directories
  • Increase or decrease file sizes,
  • Unexpected appearance of new files on disk,
  • Significant decrease in free RAM,
  • Inappropriate messages / images appear on the computer screen
  • Unexpected beeps.

If you find any signs of computer viruses, contact our specialists for help to search and virus removal. We can not only remove viruses from your computer, eliminate the consequences of infection, but also protect your computer for the future using the latest antivirus products.

The computer industry is extremely dynamic, and therefore in the field of anti-virus protection, changes are constantly taking place. The systematic emergence of new viruses and spyware requires a professional approach and broad knowledge of computer security.

As a rule, an ordinary user cannot quickly and competently cope with modern viruses. Moreover, simply removing a virus is not enough, it is important to eliminate the consequences of a virus attack, restore corrupted files and folders, restore system settings, and so on.

What are the benefits of working with us?

  • prompt response to virus attacks
  • comprehensive solution to the problem and implementation of all stages of PC recovery after virus infection with recovery of lost data,
  • our specialists use only modern and up-to-date antivirus products,
  • selection and installation of high-quality anti-virus programs that prevent further computer infection.
  • we will provide qualified assistance in the fight against malware and ensure the safety and security of your information.
  • if a virus attack has disabled the system and it cannot be recovered we can reinstall it along with the programs

P.S. If you find that your files on a server or computer have been encrypted by a ransomware program, usually nothing can be done. Very rarely, files can be recovered using data recovery software. You just have to rearrange the operating system taking into account the nuances:

  • Do not open access to the server or computer via RDP protocol on standard port 3389
  • Make every day backups of your 1C databases and user files to a disk hidden from viruses

There are cases when users install amateur assemblies like ZverDVD and ChipXP in which viruses are embedded at the OS kernel level, then only reinstallation can help