As practice shows, the maintenance of staff members performing computer administration is very costly. Mainly large companies can afford it. If you are not one of those, remote system administration is what you need.

Often, administration is carried out by full-time specialists of enterprises and organizations - employees of the IT department. Their functions include ensuring uninterrupted and safe operation of the network, providing protection against viruses, adjusting the operation of equipment and networks, developing and installing programs necessary for operation, ensuring the smooth operation of office equipment and purchasing equipment and components.

What opportunities does the system administration service offer for computers, servers and routers?

  • You relieve yourself of all worries about ensuring the smooth functioning of the network and equipment, leaving it to our experienced specialists,
  • We use a licensed version of Ammy Admin to provide services, which guarantees quality service and protection for you,
  • You receive round-the-clock technical and consulting support on the functioning of the network and equipment,
  • the prompt assistance of our specialists will help to eliminate shortcomings in the work as soon as possible,
  • the remote administration program allows our specialists, being at their workplace, to instantly react and change the settings on the PC, no matter how far away you are,
  • remote administration system also allows you and your employees, while on a work trip, to have access to an office computer
  • quick response in emergency cases and prompt elimination of failures in work during remote administration, not inferior in quality to the work of specialists with physical access to equipment,
  • remote administration program provides opportunities for performing a wide range of tasks: installing operating systems, configuring and updating them; optimization of services, installation of specialized and specific software; installation, configuration and updating of security systems; Configuring backup to prevent data loss in case of failures and unintentional deletion; elimination of various software malfunctions; server monitoring;
  • observance of guarantees of protection of information and interests of clients.

We invite you to independently evaluate the benefits of our incoming system administration services

  • Program setting

    We provide services for remote configuration of popular software for PC and MAC users. Our services will cost you much cheaper without leaving the city.

  • Server publishing

    As part  of server configuration services  and separately, we will provide  services for publishing a server  on the Internet on a static IP. If necessary, we will leave.

  • Changing sections

    We will provide services of resizing logical disks onsite and remotely.

  • Office move

    We will provide network and computer reconfiguration services when moving to a new office. Let's go to you.

  • Configuring Asterisk

    We will provide services of setting up and maintaining the Asterisk IP-PBX on-site.

  • Technical support

    Such words, as applied to a computer, & nbsp; as "slows down", "lags", "glitches" and "freezes" have firmly entered our life. Everyone knows the meaning of these words, but not everyone can correctly understand the reasons for this behavior of computer technology. As a rule, an ordinary user in such situations does not even try to restore, but immediately resorts to reinstalling the operating system and programs.

  • Office service

    We offer a wide range of services related to setting up and repairing a computer. Experienced and competent specialists are guaranteed to help solve arising problems and make the work of computer equipment stable and predictable. You do not need to go to the service yourself, call, describe the problem and our employee will come to your home or office. Biztech computer service & top quality.