Subscriber services are carried out by specialists on the spot and are aimed at bringing computers and office equipment into working order as soon as possible.

If you actively use a computer for work or leisure, regardless of whether you represent the interests of the company or your own, you need uninterrupted and correct operation of computer equipment. Most users do not have enough knowledge and time to set up, repair computers and office equipment.

It is for this that our company has developed a complex of services for subscriber maintenance of computers. PC Subscriber Service is carried out on the basis of an agreement and involves a range of services aimed at organizing the uninterrupted, correct operation of your equipment.

Services for computer subscription are carried out by specialists on site and are aimed at bringing office equipment into working order as soon as possible.

What does the subscription service for computers include? As part of the subscription service for computers, our company provides the following types of services:

  • visit of a specialist for diagnostics and consultation,
  • recovery of operating systems,
  • removing viruses and installing and updating antivirus programs
  • advising on protecting your computer against virus attacks
  • setting up wireless networks, ensuring the security of information stored on computers connected to a wireless network,
  • selection and installation of equipment for local networks, suitable for each specific case,
  • installation (reinstallation) and configuration of operating systems,
  • connecting computers and office equipment to a local network,
  • connecting and configuring the Internet,
  • installation and configuration of wireless Wi-Fi networks,
  • installation and configuration of mail programs and other programs necessary for your work,
  • elimination of malfunctions of damage to office equipment,
  • maintenance of computers.

What are the benefits of professional computer maintenance and repair?

  • prompt and qualified work,
  • adherence to the terms of rendering services
  • constant and uninterrupted assistance of specialists,
  • work only with high-quality and reliable materials and programs,
  • provision of guarantees for the services rendered,
  • You save money on maintaining a full-time system administrator.

By signing an agreement for subscription service computers with our company, you no longer need to look for a qualified and inexpensive specialist every time to solve problems with computer and office equipment.