Configuring a local network is a critical step in launching networks and requires careful study by qualified specialists.

Local area networks (wired and wireless) make it possible to connect to the Internet within a certain space. In recent years, wireless LANs have become increasingly common. They allow you to quickly and easily connect computer devices (mobile phone, pocket PC, tablet and other devices with Wi-Fi) to the network, gaining freedom of movement, while maintaining high-quality communication performance and confidentiality of access to your information.

Why do I need the help of a specialist in setting up local networks? If the configuration of local networks was carried out by unqualified specialists, or was not carried out at all, there is a high probability that your neighbors at home or office will be able to use your Internet for free and have access to information stored on your computer. This is especially true for legal entities, because information leakage can result in large financial losses. In addition, an illiterately configured local network loses essential quality characteristics. Therefore, setting up is a critical stage in launching local networks and requires careful study by qualified specialists.

What do you get by contacting us for setting up a local computer network?

  • uninterrupted Internet access, while maintaining high-quality characteristics (data transfer rate, required coverage area without "dead zones", etc.);
  • freedom from wires and sockets, freedom of movement;
  • a reliable system for protecting internal information;
  • protection of the local network from unauthorized connections;
  • recommendations for using the network based on calculations of the permissible load on equipment, etc.;
  • operational terms of performance of the agreed work;
  • maintenance of computer networks in the future;
  • the ability to organize well-coordinated and uninterrupted work of employees for the good of the company;
  • network maintenance.

If you have any problems in the work of the already laid network, the work on its setup was carried out poorly, you want to eliminate the existing shortcomings (for example, "dead zones"), our experienced specialists will help you. Network maintenance and configuration services are our specialty.

For more information and advice, you can get by phone. We always take into account the interests of our clients.