Using a router is possible only after it is configured correctly, and this is not so easy. As a rule, there is no specific methodology for configuring, because the software for all routers is different.

Different providers have different network access technologies and methods for terminating a user session. A novice user can spend a lot of time setting up a Wi-Fi router without achieving normal operation. Often, the provider's customizers themselves cannot configure routers purchased by users via the Internet. That is why we are announcing a service for configuring routers. By entrusting us with the installation and configuration of the router, you can save a lot of your time. Installing a Wi-Fi router consists in choosing the correct type of router, configuring the IP addresses of the network card and setting up the router itself. As a rule, the configuration comes down to changing the MAC address on the WAN interface, creating PPPoE, PPtP, L2TP connections with the provider, configuring Wi-Fi encryption, connecting several wireless clients. Less often, it is necessary to configure Dual Acces and register routes to the provider's local network. The router manufacturers themselves put sticks in the wheel for novice tuners - as a rule, the firmware contains errors that do not allow routers to work correctly with some providers, which can greatly confuse the right path. Everything can be configured correctly and not work. There are routers that even advanced users cannot configure without special knowledge, but with us this is not a problem either.

You can order services for setting up any routers, modems, access points from us. Experts will configure the routers: CISCO, MikroTik, D-Link, Linksys, Tp-Link, TrendNet, Tenda, Promsvyaz, Huawei, ZTE, Zuxel, 3COM, Acorp, LivelOne, Edimax, Apple, NetGear, Planet and others for any provider. No matter what technology the Internet comes to your home or office using: PON, ADSL, Ethernet, 3G, Wi-Fi, Cable, we can select a router for your needs and configure it.

Why is it worth contacting our specialists for a router configuration service?

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