Modernization of computers involves changing the modular design of the computer, while ensuring the compatibility of components. The main goal of modernization is to change the quality characteristics of the system, subject to financial savings.

To keep the computer software up to date, it is necessary to upgrade them. We are modernizing computers of 2005-2012 editions so that old people can comfortably run popular office software even now.

What do we usually do with a computer:

  • Installing SSD if the computer is equipped with SATA2, or better SATA3
  • Installing RAM up to 4, or better 8 gigabytes
  • Replacing the microprocessor with the most efficient one for the motherboard

Our specialists will also help you to profitably change other qualitative characteristics of your computer:

- Increase RAM.

The increase in RAM will help you to improve the work with modern applications: an increase in the launch speed and response of applications, and the processing of temporary information is accelerated. When upgrading the operating system, it is important to evaluate the performance of the required system, which is not so easy for a simple user to perform at home.

- Upgrade hard drive

Upgrading the hard disk allows the system to run faster (for example, to boot Windows faster), increases the speed of accessing files, and provides additional storage space. Upgrading a hard drive can be done more efficiently by setting the new hard drive as the master drive and installing Windows on it, allowing the old drive to be used as a secondary drive.

- Upgrade processor

Upgrading the processor will help to solve problems with freezing and restarting the computer, to achieve stable computer operation. However, replacing the processor can be expensive if the old motherboard does not support the new processor.

- Replace motherboard

Replacing the motherboard is necessary in case of malfunctions of the power supply circuit on the motherboard, malfunction of the video chip or the south bridge chip caused by overheating, malfunctioning of USB outputs.

- Upgrade video card

Upgrading the video card improves performance in games and graphics applications, and improves the quality of the reproduced graphics.

- Upgrade BIOS

Upgrading the BIOS, that is, software, increases the performance of your computer. Such activities are also necessary to support some types of processors, large hard drives. Updating the BIOS is not an easy procedure, as it has its own nuances.

It should be borne in mind that upgrading highly outdated computers (s478, s462 (A), s370) will entail significant financial investments, and therefore it will be more profitable to buy a new computer (system unit).

It is quite obvious that the modernization process requires a clear understanding of the problem, requirements and the desired result. The experience and knowledge of the company's specialists will help to carry out competent modernization of the computer, in compliance with your interests and wishes.

For more information on prices for modernization, please contact our specialists by phone.