Published by: admin, date of publication: December 11, 2020

The line between Instagram and Facebook platforms continues to blur. According to online sources, the developers have begun testing a new feature that will allow users to view Instagram Stories in the main application of the social network Facebook.

 The new feature was first spotted by an Instagram user who posted his findings on Twitter. A Facebook spokesman later confirmed that the company plans to make the feature publicly available, adding that it is currently in testing with a limited number of users. In the past, users could post Instagram Stories to Facebook, but the new feature seems to work differently.

The feature being tested will allow Instagram users to make their Stories viewable for Facebook followers. However, this will require linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts. The developers also clarified that “Facebook users who don’t follow you on Instagram won’t be able to see your stories.” This means that users who follow you on both Facebook and Instagram will be able to watch stories without leaving the social network application.

“We’re testing a new feature that gives people the ability to view Instagram Stories on Facebook, making it easier to see moments of people you care about, no matter which app you’re using. This feature takes into account all applicable privacy settings, and people from Instagram can prevent their stories from being shown on Facebook, ”a Facebook spokesman said.

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