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Strictly speaking, the transcript of Intel CEO Robert Swan’s speech on Credit Suisse teleconference deserves more study than it did last week, so the weekend gives us a chance to return to the ‘unsaid’ heading.

 Arguing about the need to carefully approach the choice of the place of production of specific crystals, the head of Intel mentioned that by 2023-2024 the issue of the release of central processors by third-party contractors will become relevant. Recall that until now the company tried to produce central processors exclusively on its own, and those 20% of products in monetary terms that were produced by contractors belonged to other categories.

These words of Swan echo the recent rumors of Taiwanese origin, according to which in 2022 TSMC will begin to produce Core i3 class central processors for Intel using 5nm technology. Robert Swan in his statements was not so straightforward, and he considers the involvement of contractors in relation to individual components, which with a multi-chip layout does not allow us to admit that the production of processors is entirely entrusted to the contractor.

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