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I would like to tell you a little about HDD diagnostics on my own, I will clearly try to outline typical types of malfunctions in the material, and tell you when to try to do something yourself, and when you cannot do without the help of a specialist. This article is aimed at a target audience with no experience in either repair or data recovery … We will not touch on highly intelligent concepts and the physics of the problem.  

 The most common problem is physical destruction of HDD sectors. There can be many reasons for this, ranging from a flaw in this model of a hard disk, to improper operation of the device, or simply destruction due to severe wear. One of the reasons for the failure of a hard drive is related to its fall from a small height when it is turned on. The heads hit the surface of the magnetic plates and tear out scratches in them. The resulting magnetic dust eventually destroys the head.

To monitor the health of your hard drive, I recommend the excellent Hard Disk Sentinel program  With its help, you can instantly get all the information about the state of your hard disk (the accuracy of the readings of this program is very high, diagnostic errors are very rare).


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